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We advise students on the choice of program and best institution

Foldam Consulting Limited is a public company with registered offices in Regina, Saskatchewan. To provide expert services in the recruitment of foreign students to well-accredited and approved universities, polytechnics, and colleges in North America specifically Canada. We collaborate with both government, universities, and private colleges to ensure that our clients are among the best. We also offer advice/resolution to foreign students with challenges to admission procedures, selecting the best programme of study to set their careers, and other relevant educational services. "Education is power, get empowered" Bright solution, a profitable result.

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Our ideas to advise students on the choice of program and counselling are excellent.

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We have a great chance that you will be accepted to university. Trust us!

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We have successfully sent students around the world.

Foldam consulting

Education is power, get empowered

We can represent our clients and effectively obtain admission to
all levels of education (undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees
/post-graduate) through our deals with our partner universities,
polytechnics, and colleges.

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Our Mission

We provide outstanding programs, guidance, courses overview, contact details, application procedures, qualifications for entry to Canada, academic costs, grants, degrees, awards and other practical information about study in Canada.

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Our Vision

Foldam Consulting Limited was established after realizing the need to open up opportunities for committed and serious students in third world countries, particularly in Africa, and in the world as a whole, who wanted higher education abroad.


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Foldam helped with my admission processing and their service was top notch



On the other hand, foldam is the best when it comes to admission. Swift and easy



I'm studying Accounting at university of Regina with the help of Foldam Consulting